Abu Dhabi branch of KEPCO E&C opened in UAE

On November 11, KEPCO E&C held a ceremony celebrating the opening of its branch in Abu Dhabi.

KEPCO E&C has pushed ahead with the establishment of a branch in that part of the world in connection with the need to carry out work for the nuclear power plant in the UAE successfully and make a foray into the fast-growing market in the Middle East. Recently, it received a commercial license for the establishment of a branch from the UAE government. The Company plans to use the newly-opened branch as a close-range support base for the UAE nuclear power plant and as a forward base for the development of EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) projects in Middle Eastern countries.

At the opening ceremony, Lee Bae-soo, Chief of the Planning & Marketing Division, told the employees of the branch, “Please act as an efficient channel between the headquarters and the jobsite for a successful performance of the nuclear plant in the UAE and carry out positive marketing activities in the countries in this part of the world.”

KEPCO E&C plans to increase the number of employees at the Abu Dhabi Branch to carry out more proactive business activities in that country. For the purpose of business development in the Middle East, KEPCO E&C will open a branch in Saudi Arabia by the end of this year. It will also increase the number of overseas branches in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Americas by selecting a core country in each continent as part of a plan for the formation of a wider business development network and carry out more proactive overseas marketing.